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Certified Gold by the RIAA (7/99).
Certified Gold by the RIAA (7/99).


Format: CD
Label: MAV
Catalog: 46054
Rel. Date: 10/03/1995
UPC: 093624605423

Artist: Deftones
Format: CD
New: IN PRINT AND ONLINE ORDER-ABLE - , call or email $9.98

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Certified Gold by the RIAA (7/99).


''Adrenaline'' is the debut album by Deftones, released in 1995 through Maverick Records. The hidden track on the album, "Fist", was produced by Ross Robinson while the rest of album is produced by Terry Date. It was originally titled ''Communion'' and some promotional copies did get out, before ''Adrenaline'' became the name of choice. "Bored" and "7 Words" were released as singles. The album's cover art depicts a baby aspirator. The song "Engine No. 9" has been covered by Korn, Live, and Suicide Silence and is featured in the film ''Law Abiding Citizen''. - Wikipedia

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