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Didn't It Feel Kinder [180g LP Vinyl]
Artist: Amy Ray
Format: Vinyl
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In "Didn't It Feel Kinder," Amy Ray's third solo recording and most ambitious independent effort to date, the singer-songwriter's style and lyricism reflects her many musical influences, breaking new ground for avid Indigo Girls followers and her solo career fans alike. New listeners will follow Ray far through a rich musical landscape that is both intimate and grand, like sneaking in on sound check at the Knitting Factory.

Independent to the core, Ray began designing the album while on tour with the Indigo Girls in the UK. "I was huddled over my computer with my Garage Band turned on in some cold backstage area. The opening band went on and the music was pounding through the walls, creating this montage of sounds and bass beats. I started playing the most strident thing I could to cut through it all and get my thoughts down and it all started merging into 'Bus Bus'." Together with former Butchies Kaia Wilson and Melissa York, and Greg Griffith on bass, Ray molded a danceable rhythm that is at once pop, punk rock and hip hop.

Side A
1. Birds of A Feather
2. She's Got To Be
3. Bus Bus
4. Cold Shoulder
5. Who Sold The Gun

Side B
1.Out On The Farm
2. SLC Radio
3. Blame Is A Killer
4. Stand and Deliver
5. Rabbit Foot

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