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Saturday Night by CARRTOONS
Saturday Night by CARRTOONS
Saturday Night
Artist: Cartoons
Format: CD
New: Available $15.98

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1. Pre Game (Outro)
2. Saturday Night! (Intro)
3. Spaceships (Featuring: Haile Supreme)
4. Put Me on (Featuring: Reuben James, Joanna Teters)
5. Grace (Featuring: Rae Khalil)
6. Interlude I
7. Fool for Your Love
8. I Choose You (Featuring: Jay Prince)
9. Sparkle (Featuring: Bad Snacks)
10. Another Time (Featuring: Jak Lizard)
11. Ain't Too Much Else (Featuring: Topaz Jones)
12. Interlude II
13. Dial It Back (Featuring: Julia Zivic, Yoh)
14. Seams (Featuring: Mia Gladstone)
15. Pre Game (Outro)

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Saturday Night by CARRTOONS

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